Q Unveils Music Video for ‘Not Alone’

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Emerging singer/songwriter/producer Q can’t stop smiling in the video for his new single, “Not Alone.”

In it, Q, dressed in a knitted cloud-colored sweater, showcases various facets of his personality. He oscillates between being energetic, slothful, and everything in between.

However, his most charismatic and genuine moments come when he’s vibing behind the keyboard and getting up close to the camera.

Not Alone” is Q‘s current focus track from his upcoming debut album, Soul, PRESENT, releasing May 5 via Columbia Records. The album will feature ten tracks. Additionally, Q‘s Soul, PRESENT will include the previously shared “Today,” “Stereo Driver,” and “Luv (I Know I Want This For Real).” The penultimate track was released in September 2022 as the lead single for his debut project.

“I wrote ‘Stereo Driver’ during a time of despair, and I had to lean on a higher power to help me through it. I wanted the lyrics to come off as a dialogue, and help people self-reflect,” Q explained.

In November 2022, Q made his Soul Train Awards debut, where he performed “Today” for the first time.

“Luv (I Know I Want This For Real)” arrived earlier this year and was revealed as his first release of 2023. “I made this song in 2019,” Q said in an Instagram Live broadcast. “I was listening to it one day and was like, ‘You know what? That can fit.'”

Rising singer Baby Rose will make a vocal appearance on Soul, PRESENT.

Soul, PRESENT will follow Q‘s 2021 project, The Shave Experiment (Director’s Cut), an extended version of his 2020 EP, The Shave Experiment.

Q supported the EP’s new version with a short film.

Watch Q‘s “Not Alone” video below.