Willie J Healey Unveils Fresh Track ‘Little Sister’

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English singer-songwriter Willie J Healey has unveiled his latest single, ‘Little Sister.’

This new track is the most recent release from Healey’s forthcoming third full-length LP, Bunny. The song follows a series of album previews, including the tracks ‘Thank You,’ ‘Sure Feels Good,’ ‘Dreams,’ and ‘Tiger Woods.’ The soulful single harks back to the sound Healey adopted on his previous album, 2020’s Twin Heavy. The fusion of old-school funk rhythms and R&B-focused melodies are just as prominent in his new work as they were on his last album. “The whole era is something that I love,” Healey explained in a statement. “Long before making Twin Heavy, I had always listened to funk, soul, and R&B, but for some reason, it never translated into my own music. Really my inspiration was just the feel of things.”

Discussing ‘Little Sister,’ Healey shares: “We recorded it in New York, just one take, it was magical. I remember spending a couple of hours learning and messing around with it and then it was done. I really just enjoy playing music that makes you feel really good.”

You can listen to the audio for ‘Little Sister’ below. Bunny is slated for an August 25th release.