‘Terrible Twos’: Big Dumb Baby’s Hilarious Take on the Chaotic World of Toddlers

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Big Dumb Baby’s Playful Exploration of Fun with ‘Terrible Twos’

“Have more fun!” exclaims Ashley Mayorquin as she introduces PAPER to the lighthearted theme of her latest project, Terrible Twos. Recognized in the Brooklyn music scene as Big Dumb Baby, the Nashville-born actor turned singer-songwriter has released her second EP—a playful homage to embracing one’s silly side.

The leisurely, thumping bass and witty lyrics of the lead track “Jenny’s Place” transport listeners into the amusing world of Big Dumb Baby. This alt-rock track offers a teasing yet lighthearted glimpse into the life of a Brooklyn 20-something, filled with numerous roommates, city mice, and dirty dishes.

Describing her sound as “Shania Twain meets Pavement,” this young artist infuses downtown indie-rock with a distinct sunlit Southern charm. The result is a unique and unpretentious songwriting style reminiscent of Wet Leg and Soccer Mommy, but with an upbeat Nashville twist.

For the release of her fun-filled EP Terrible Twos, PAPER sat down with Big Dumb Baby to discuss the making of the project and how the Brooklyn music scene influenced her Southern sound. Mayorquin shares insights on her stage name, the significance of the project, the lessons she learned from her first EP, and how her sound has evolved over time.

Big Dumb Baby’s music is influenced by ’90s indie rock projects like Pavement and Liz Phair, as well as elements of pop and country. Mayorquin attributes this to her Nashville upbringing and daily exposure to pop-country radio. She discusses the differences between the Brooklyn and Nashville music communities, the artists she admires, and her recent interest in learning how to DJ with a group of friends in a program called “DJ Academy.”