“Big Songbirds Don’t Cry”: Steven Ciolek’s Heartfelt Solo Venture as Superviolet

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Ohio Pop-Punkers Evolve: Steven Ciolek’s Solo Project Superviolet Releases “Big Songbirds Don’t Cry”

Throughout their 14-year run, Ohio pop-punk band The Sidekicks managed to maintain a cheerful and laid-back sound in a genre known for its high-energy. Following the band’s breakup in 2020, frontman Steven Ciolek took his songwriting to new heights with his solo project, Superviolet, opting for a breezy acoustic guitar to match the relaxed vibe.

“Big Songbirds Don’t Cry,” the latest single from Ciolek’s upcoming album, Infinite Spring, revolves around a mesmerizing and agile guitar refrain reminiscent of Elliott Smith’s rendition of “Dear Prudence.” Ciolek subtly hints at his own jealousy and suppressed sadness, using songbirds as a metaphor to indirectly discuss himself. His lyrics exhibit a skillful balance of tongue-in-cheek humor and genuine emotion, featuring clever wordplay and the charm of understatement.

From the dimly lit ambiance of a sports bar, Ciolek quips, “Tell Trevor or whatever that his time is up,” before delivering a witty double entendre: “And if he walks through that door/I’m sure I’ll clean his clock.” The song culminates in an indie rock crescendo complete with echoing electric guitar, soothing vocal harmonies, and a wandering bass line. As Ciolek laments the metaphorical songbirds’ inability to “hit that note right,” this tenderhearted song strikes the perfect pitch.

Don’t miss Steven Ciolek‘s captivating solo journey as Superviolet with the release of “Big Songbirds Don’t Cry,” a heartfelt offering from his forthcoming album, Infinite Spring.