Emily Ratajkowski recounts feeling ‘upset’ about the resurfacing of a Taylor Swift interview.

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Emily Ratajkowski recently spoke out about Taylor Swift’s 2012 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in which the pop star was subjected to uncomfortable treatment as the host had her react to photos of herself with male celebrities. In the interview, Swift appeared visibly uncomfortable as DeGeneres showed her pictures of herself with various male celebrities, leading Swift to ask her to stop multiple times. Swift explained that it made her feel bad about herself and questioned what she stood for as a human being.

Emily Ratajkowski commented on a TikTok video of the interview, stating that the treatment of Swift was “f—ed up” and that people often do not listen to femme-presenting individuals. In a recent interview with Elle, Ratajkowski explained how she felt watching the clip and how her perspective has evolved over time.

Despite not following Swift’s career closely before, Ratajkowski had become a fan of her music and had seen her documentary. When she watched the clip of the interview, she was struck by how clearly Swift communicated her discomfort and how the audience laughed at her discomfort. Ratajkowski also criticized the misogyny and sexism that Swift has faced throughout her career, noting that people often overlook these issues due to her success and race.

Ratajkowski concluded by expressing her frustration with the tendency to dismiss the concerns of femme-presenting people. She noted that this is a larger issue that extends beyond just Swift’s interview and that people need to listen to and respect the voices of those who are often silenced or ignored. Overall, Ratajkowski’s comments highlight the importance of recognizing and addressing misogyny and sexism in our society and the need for greater empathy and understanding towards those who experience it.