Tiago PZK Announces Three New Songs Ending An Era: “I Will Disappear To Reappear”

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Tiago PZK is ready to say goodbye to this stage of his life. The Argentine rapper and singer gave both good and bad news. While announcing that he has three new songs coming out this month, the artist also revealed that he will take a long break to recharge his batteries and return to the scene refreshed and motivated more than ever.

In a recent publication, Tiago PZK confirmed: “Three songs are coming out this month and two with their own videos… After that, I’m going to disappear to reappear as a new Gotti later, this stage is finally over.”

The Argentine also previewed a snippet via his TikTok, singing: “Nos dimos un tiempo, nena, pero en ese reloj ya no queda arena / Lo nuestro iba a ser una pintura, pero fue un boceto en la basura / Los dos quisimos ir a la luna, se ve que no estuvimos a la altura.”


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The untitled project will follow his most recent singles “Slow,” which talks about fame and his experience within the music industry; and “Bemaste,” a love letter dedicated to his girlfriend Belén Negri.