Puerto Rico’s iLe Will Tour In US And Sing Her Feminist Anthem “Algo Bonito”

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iLe’s voice and message are distinct. She is a performer who defies categorization by inhabiting numerous genres, settings, and notions. Her latest album “Nacarile” was a critical success, ranking as one of the greatest albums of 2022 on prominent year-end lists such as “The New York Times.” It features collaborations with artists ranging from Natalia LaFourcade to Ivy Queen, with the tracks comfortably inhabiting the same space and connected by an honest and genuine lyrical thread.

Ileana Cabra, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, began her career with her siblings Rene and Eduardo in the Grammy-winning band Calle 13. As a solo artist, iLe’s songs tackle difficult subjects like love, heartbreak, and femininity with equal passion, curiosity, and insight. Her music has a distinct sound. Going over her discography reveals that her music has few analogs; it is unique to her.

iLe spoke exclusively with HOLA! USA about her upcoming U.S. tour, which began on March 3, and her enthusiasm about getting to make music all over again, with every night becoming a new chance.

Below are iLe’s tour dates in the US!

iLe – Nacarile – USA TOUR 2023

March 3 – Washington, DC / Kennedy Center

March 4 – Somerville, MA / Center For The Arts

March 5 – New York, NY / Sony Hall

March 8 – Chicago, IL / Metro

March 11 – Los Ángeles, CA / The Miracle Theater

March 13 – San Francisco, CA / Great American Music Hall

March 15 – Austin, TX / SXSW

March 23 – Fort Lauderdale, FL / The Angeles

Speaking about “Algo Bonito,” iLe mentioned in a source:

This is a powerful song about the feminist movement. It also brings forth the contradiction that something is supposed to be beautiful to women. Patriarchy made us think we like flowers and chocolates, and it’s a way to tame us. To me it’s so strange we got used to that. We are not supposed to be living under the standards of patriarchy. We are supposed to be living freely the way we want to live.