Colorado-Based Classical Music Artist & Composer Peg Luke Shares “I Am Home, Lord”, A New Healing Piece

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“I Am Home, Lord” is Peg Luke’s latest single that demonstrates her lyrical talent, stunning music, and beautiful voice. Put all three together, and you have the recipe for healing and renewal. As a devoted believer, Luke practices what she preaches by putting her trust in God, and encourages others to do so. When things span out of our control and there is nothing we can do, it is our faith that will help us get through anything. 

“Without God, I would not be here,” Peg Luke explains. “I have too much hardship in my life battling a rare and painful autoimmune disease that keeps me isolated during this pandemic, losing so many of my friends and family, and keeping my music alive. My faith is everything to me.”

Peg Luke has led a productive career so far, performing all over the world as well as releasing music she writes. A sought after accompanist and flutist, she continues to pursue her passion and creates music that is dear to her heart, no matter what difficulties life presents. That in and of itself is such inspiration, that Luke’s listeners who know her story, already feel motivated to follow in her footsteps. 

“I am Home, Lord”, as Luke mentioned, “is dedicated to all the refugees and homeless throughout our world. It is also dedicated to all the service members that are upholding our freedom throughout the world.  The tune really encompasses the fact that we are truly “home” with God wherever we may be. All we have to do is to reach out,” she said in an interview

“I am home, Lord/ I am home/ When I call Your name/ I am home/ When I feel your presence near me/ I am home/ When I kneel to pray/ I am home/ Lead me home,” goes the chorus, reaffirming that regardless of what hardships we might be facing, we are home in the Lord’s presence!