Premiere: Just.InTime Embraces Divine Power With New Singles “GODSPEED” & “LogOfUroWn”

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Following the recent releases “Owner” and “deadawayfromYOU,” promising Hip Hop artist and songwriter Just.InTime returns with two new singles “GODSPEED” and “LogOfUroWn.” The talented rapper acts as a vessel and devotes himself to spreading God’s Divine message with his reflective and thought-provoking creations. Calling them “Masterpieces,” Justin uses his genre-bending songs to heal inner wounds and to honor the Lord.

In “GODSPEED,” Just.InTime admits he feels like the chosen one, acknowledging that his prayers have been answered, “I tried to tell them at the beginning/ But they didn’t want to listen/ Instead they labeled me a menace of society as a kid/ Gave me proximity/ When all I wanted was a friend/ All the love in my heart/ I was tricked to believe was weakness/ Call me gullible bcuz I believed it/ Deceived like Adam in the garden of Eden.”

Alternatively, “LogOfUroWn” reaffirms his special bond with God and focuses more on self-love, “Like a train derailing to what all the devils planning/ I broke the circle/ Baptizes washing my face in living water/ I’m all in never separated from my sword/ Interested in growing deeper in Him/ Intrigue by the quarterly gain visions/ Through out this year/ In powered by love love light bringing life to every deadline/ Can’t rush greatness so I’m taking my time.”

Fusing elements of Hip Hop and Pop, Just.InTime integrates his vast range of musical influences into his songs. Inspired by Kanye West, aka ‘Ye, Jay Z, Big L, and 2Pac, the American artist is currently working on music that projects his life’s struggles. Justin confesses that having faith has helped him believe in his own abilities, which has in return saved him from himself and his dark thoughts.

Just.InTime has made it his mission to “speak against every unclean spirit that may be present in the name of Christ Jesus.” With tracks like “GODSPEED” and “LogOfUroWn,” he tries his best to “shine love light on” those who need to hear God’s message the most.

Listen to “GODSPEED” and “LogOfUroWn” below: