Lido Pimienta Returns With New Music Video For “Te Quería”

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Colombian-Canadian musician and singer-songwriter, Lido Pimienta drops a new music video for her bilingual single “Te Quería,” which is from the 2020 album Miss Colombia. Directed and edited by J. Gallardo Kattah, the visuals feature the 37 year old as “Queen of the Clowns.” 

Pimienta is seen dancing with her clown crowd in an imaginary world that reminds viewers of segments from a Tim Burton movie. Dedicated to her father Alberto “Beto Lola” Ramírez, the clip also introduces an antagonist, a sad clown, who takes out a gun and threatens Lido.

In a statement, Lido explains: “The visual for “Te Quería” has always been conceived as a story about transformation—about getting right back up, despite having our spirit shut down. “Te Quería” is a song that exposes toxic relationships, power imbalances and the need for some people, particularly those who we love the most, to confuse our generosity for stupidity.”

The singer expresses her disappointment in the lyrics: “And I took a look around and figured it out/ Everything was going well…I imagined it all/ Here I planted all the seeds, and watered all the ones you planted/ You never knew who you were without me/ But today I find myself relaxing!/ Whatever you wanted you stole/ You made it, by surprise/ Let me be, you never loved me/ Stay away, you embarrass me.”

Lido Pimienta promoted the Miss Colombia album with a worldwide tour last year. She also premiered a new variety program called Lido TV at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Watch the official video for “Te Quería” here: