Tokischa Comes Clean About Her Drug Abuse: “I Wanted to Have a Healthier Life”

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Dominican rapper and songwriter Tokischa, who has become one of the most influential artists of the new generation, recently graced the cover of Glamour Spain. With her authenticity and natural talent, the Hip Hop artist has brought a new touch of empowerment and sensuality to the urban and Dembow music scene.

Born in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic, the rapper spent most of her adolescent life hustling her way through. But on January 1, 2020, Tokischa had a sudden revelation and decided to change for the better.

During her interview with Glamor Spain, she revealed: “I came to the conclusion that I wanted to have a healthier life and take better care of myself. Stop consuming what I was consuming, at that time I smoked a lot of marijuana, abused drugs and was a super aggressive person. You can’t imagine, I was the type of person who if something bothered me would break everything in the house, just like that.”

Tokischa added: “Anyone who sees me now would think it’s impossible. I used to fight a lot, I also cursed a lot. Changing all that has led me to a very peaceful mental, emotional, and spiritual state and tranquility. And it has also led me to help other people find a calmer life.”

The 26-year-old described her experience with LSD and how she got lured in: “LSD is a psychedelic drug that takes your mind to another dimension where you can taste the sound, see it as a wave of color going through the air.”

In addition to her drug abuse, Tokischa also discussed her family and upbringing: “I was a very strong girl, because I endured a lot of abuse and mistreatment.” She admits that the one who has helped her build today’s “Tokischa” is her mother, by always pushing her and teaching her to be different from others. 

“I show myself to the world naked, sensual, happy, euphoric, drunk. When a woman goes out naked, she shows a freedom that others do not have and people are very envious. Everyone who is a hater has personal problems, in their minds, at home, with their family,” explains the artist.

Tokischa is currently working on her upcoming album which is set to be released in 2024. She also has a tour planned and hopes to visit different countries in the coming year.