Composer Keityn Helped Shakira Give Shape To “Session 53”

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More information regarding the diss track is coming to light as Shakira’s most recent success, “Session 53,” with Bizarrap, continues to dominate the charts. While the Argentine freestylers, the Colombian singer, and the record producer are garnering media attention, this project also has a third main character.

Shakira wrote the song with her heart open, but she turned to Keityn to help create the song’s global sensation. The 26-year-old songwriter, who is most known for his work with Maluma and Karol G, also composed the lyrics of Shakira’s singles “Monotona” and “Te felicito,” both of which are about her ex.

“The lyrics were Shakira’s and mine,” Keityn told Molusco TV. “She said to me: ‘I want this, this,’ and pin! It came out alone. She was clear that she wanted the song to have her stamp. She came with a list of everything she wanted to say, so we went all out,” he revealed.

According to the composer, he spent three days at Shakira’s house in Barcelona, and then they continued to develop the track over the phone. Keityn said they finished the song between two to three weeks. “She wanted to go with spite since we released Monotonía,” he revealed. “We were looking for the exact point without going too far but not sounding soft either,” he affirmed.

The musicians claimed that neither he, Shakira, nor Bizarrap anticipated the enormous response the song would receive in only a few hours, and now weeks. Keityn considers the Barranquilla native’s release of the song to be clever, although he considers her to be a “difficult” musician.

“The part ‘I am worth two of 22’ would never come to my mind. It was hers,” he pointed out, adding that “the ‘sal-pique’ thing, I think I did it; I came up with a similar idea that said ‘this chili pepper needs more piquancy,’ and we change to how it was.”

Keityn said the empowering motto “women no longer cry, women make money” was Shakira’s idea, alongside “Clara-mente” (clearly). “She had a lot of things written that she wanted to say, and I helped her rhyme,” the composer noted.