Romeo Santos Reveals A Baby Is On The Way In New Video For “Solo Conmigo”

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Art Imitates Life in Romeo Santos’ new music video for “Solo Conmigo.” The King of Bachata, who has always separated his private life from his professional life, has shown his partner for the first time in the sensual clip of his recent release, announcing that he will be a father for the fourth time.

Directed by Fernando Lugo, the visuals show the couple in their most intimate state. Although the explicit content is not suitable for people who are under 18, Santos has managed to bring elegance to sensuality, where he is illuminated by a dim light that leaves little to the imagination. 

“You looked for many princes looking for love/ You wasted so many feelings, nobody understood you/ So many footprints on your bed but I was the one who sealed your heart/ You have failed in 100 relationships without knowing why/ You have loved strongly but not at this level/ And the pillow tells me it’s witnessed a lot of sex on your mattress, but you’ve only made love with me,” sings Santos to his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his children.

Santos dedicates “Solo Conmigo” to Francelys, the woman of his life. The new baby will be the couple’s third child together and Santos’ fourth, following his sons Alex, Damian, Valentino, and Solano. The track comes off his recent album Fórmula Vol. 3, which includes 21 tracks among which are “Sus Huellas,” “El Pañuela,” ft. Rosalía and “Sin Fin” with Justin Timberlake. 

Watch the official music video for “Solo Conmigo” here: