Check Out Jake Huffman’s Latest Release “Martyr”

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The newest song from American musician Jake Huffman was released on January 6th. The song, “Martyr,” which will be in his new RP, combines Pop and Alternative Rock components to create a really lovely song with excellent melodies and arrangements that are also quite emotive. 

Guitars are added in arpeggios over a steady percussion rhythm that leads the way and vibrates. Singing to the four winds is an intimate voice that is soothing and pleasant. Jake Huffman is here to perform his most recent hit, “Martyr.” A song that grows into a little indie folk treasure with alternative rock undertones, producing a timeless style that might work for eras past, present, and future.

Martyr was written, recorded, and produced at the legendary PowerStation New England Studio. It offers a commentary on dying on a hill and illustrates how divisive the world has become. Huffman’s anthemic vocal energy soars over smashing choruses, soaring melodies, and the alt-rock-infused rhythms he’s been known to possess to wonderfully portray this message. A unique listening experience with incredible guitar playing and a cozy environment ideal for a laid-back weekend.

Jake Huffman can be found on Spotify