Bad Bunny Gives A Free Concert On The Roof Of A Gas Station

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It seems that the Christmas spirit has conquered Bad Bunny’s heart. The Puerto Rican, who boasts of having the most listened to album of the year thanks to the success of Un Verano Sin Ti, wanted to share his achievements with the less fortunate. Together with his Good Bunny Foundation, the star has distributed more than 25,000 gifts of all kinds to dozens of Puerto Rican children at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan.

With this beautiful gesture, Benito has made a lot of children happy this holiday season and has brought a smile to their faces. But that has not been the only gift that the “Tití Me Preguntó” singer has given. The Latin star also performed a live and free concert on the rooftop of a gas station.

People on social media went delirious with the news and the visuals of the concert became viral. Who doesn’t want to see their favorite artist sing while fueling the car? 

The gas station was located on Calle Loiza in San Juan in Puerto Rico: a fairly busy area of ​​the town. But the surprises don’t end here! What the passers-by did not expect was that, in addition to Bad Bunny, they were going to see another one of the hottest urban artists of the moment, aka Arcángel. The two artists had recently shared the single “La Jumpa.” 

Without a doubt, Bad Bunny knows how to make people talk. The artist has become one of the most sought after names in the music industry and a benchmark in Pop culture.