Bubble Boat Drops A New Track “La Croisette”

1 min read

Lead a seat in this fantastic dreamy and touristic trip built on colorful and aquatic solar electro-pop as Commander Gaetan Vigier and Captain Adrien Corto Perier of Bubble Boat take you on a musical cruise across the world. Their latest tune “La Croisette” has just been released! 

They portray a joyful and seductive personality in this song, one that is fueled by a warm and sensual vocal performance and a colorful rhythmic foundation. They refer to summer and the heat of those beach afternoons, and the song’s dynamism and rhythm are infectious from the first seconds because they make people want to move.

La Croisette’s sun-drenched guitars, wave sounds, killer bass, and groovy percussion parts are largely responsible for the carefree summertime sensations it exudes. The bass and synthesizers are amazing since they add to the happy, positive sentiments of the song. One of those tunes that will make you think about the next summer vacation and keep you comfortable during the chilly winter months.

Bubble Boat can be found on Spotify | Instagram