Discover Rising Talent DJ 5 Day Forecast And His New Song And Music Video “Baby I’m Good”

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DJ 5 Day Forecast sheds light on broken hearts and betrayals with a bombshell track “Baby I’m Good” – song and music video. With tens of thousands of views, the clip is simply stunning, while the music will have crowds cheering till dawn. 

We’ve had the greatest pleasure of interviewing DJ 5 Day Forecast about his latest release and more, so get comfy in your seat while you get to know the artist behind “Baby I’m Good”!

“Baby I’m Good” is the club hit you want to get up and dance to. The music video is super fun as well! What can you tell us about the track and the visuals? How did you come up with the idea?

Thank You! The track was inspired by some personal experiences I’ve had where I’ve gone through some tough breakups and had to keep telling myself that I’ll be okay even though my emotions weren’t aligning to that thought. I LOVE how the music video came out and think that it brings another layer to the song. I really wanted the video to tell the story about how a guy and girl try to find happiness and independence post breakup and think it came out awesome!

How do you feel about the feedback you’ve received so far? It sounds so familiar yet so fresh! With so many remakes and remixes, how do you succeed to stay innovative? What is your opinion on respecting original tracks and sources?

Thank You! I’ve honestly been blown away by the response on this track so far. I haven’t found many people who haven’t enjoyed it and caught a vibe, so it’s either an amazing track or they are lying to me 😊. I truly am a lover of all music and really look to incorporate elements of all those genres into my music and make it flow organically. This song was inspired by James Hype’s “Ferrari.” For this song, being a huge fan of rock, I really wanted to utilise a guitar and am thrilled with how it came out. You always want to respect originals and at the same time you want to give it some life and make it fresh and put your stamp on it.

What is your biggest challenge right now as a DJ and a producer? How is being an open-format DJ perceived in today’s industry?

The biggest challenge right now is easily oversaturation in the market of music and DJ’s. Post COVID now that nightlife is booming again I’ve seen a resurgence in new DJ’s which is good and bad for the scene. It’s good in that it forces you to step your game up and be unique but it’s bad in that some of the quality has dropped and the same goes with the production side. The problem is that everyone claims to be an “open format DJ” these days because that is what’s getting booked when in reality there’s only a few DJ’s who can actually navigate a ton of genres in a seamless fashion while keeping the crowd engaged. From the production side, it’s difficult being labelled as an open format DJ because it’s more of an uphill battle to get respect and visibility in the EDM/House music scene.

What was the most important moment in your artistic career thus far?

I would say the overwhelming support and love I’ve gotten from the community on my first two singles. I’ve had multiple DJ’s locally tell me I’m an inspiration to them and that’s really meant something special to me. There’s a lot of times where you don’t feel supported so it feels great that when you need people the real ones show up.

What are your most memorable performances to date?

I would say this past Spring. I did a party with Barstool and Student City with Waka Flocka and Brianna Chickenfry for Spring Break in St Pete Beach and just had the time of my life. Being on a big stage, having the crowd super engaged was a high that I just want to continue to feel over and over again.

There are new collaborations on the horizon with artists and different brands. We’ve heard there’s one with a popular tequila brand? How did that partnership come together and what do you feel about being a brand ambassador?

Yes! Shout out to the team over at Tequila 512! To start, I LOVE tequila and have always wanted to partner with a liquor brand. My brand and Tequila 512 share a lot of similarities so it was a no brainer. We both have the number 5 in our names, my birthday is Cinco de mayo, both brands are relatively new and both brands share an overall chill/fun vibe to them. It felt like a great way for us both to grow our brands together. Did I mention the tequila is also absolutely delicious!? I’ve been loving the partnership so far and it’s been cool seeing so many people in FL stop me and tell me they bought it and loved it.

Do you have any upcoming events? A new live set? Where would you like to travel and introduce yourself and your music?

Excited to be rocking New Years Eve at the amazing MINT nightclub in Tampa, FL. My goal for 2023 is to start travelling a lot more, break away from the open format scene and go all in on the EDM/Festival scene. I can’t wait for what’s to come and I’m expecting 2023 to be a HUGE year for me!