Abraxas: A Duet That Combines Twangy Guitar And Latin Beats

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The weather outside your window is probably dreadful if you’re in the UK right now. Before five o’clock it gets dark, and it’s probably raining. Many of us are yearning to be whisked away somewhere warm as we wistfully crave the sunshine. What if we told you that we knew a group that just might be able to get you there?

On a gloomy Tuesday night, Carolina Farulolo informs us over Zoom. Although the guitarist was born and raised in Uruguay and now calls Manchester home, her passion for vintage chica musicians, melodic guitar, and what she refers to as “tropical music” has never diminished. “We jokingly say we’re just introducing you to Planet Abraxas, ‘cause it [the album] is gonna take you to a bit of a different realm,”

The duo, called Abraxas, is formed by Danny Lee Blackwell of Night Beats and is based on the Santana album of the same name. Their self-titled debut album has warbling voices and lolloping Latin beats that are laced with psychedelic, funk, and soul accents. Guitar melodies that originate far beyond the North of England pour through Faruolo’s blood and onto her fretboard like second nature because she previously played guitar in the cumbia-inspired band Los Bitchos.