María Becerra Shares New Details On Her Second Studio Album La Nena De Argentina

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María Becerra is finalizing the details of La Nena de Argentina, her second studio album. The artist revealed that fans don’t have to wait too long as the upcoming project will see the light of day in November. 

The talented Latina confessed that La Nena de Argentina will not have collaborations for a simple reason: “the need for people to listen to me alone, with my essence. I feel like people need to listen to me 100 percent. And I need it too.” However, her sister Ailin Becerra makes a brief appearance, “All by myself, without features, except for one that I sing with my sister Ailin, who sings beautifully,” says the artist in her instagram stories.

Becerra’s La Nena de Argentina includes 14 songs, of which are “Automático,” “Ojalá” and “Maléfica,” all released this year. As for the genre, there won’t be a specific one, but a wide and varied style incorporating: reggaeton, cumbia, bachata, dancehall… There will be something in there for all tastes and for all moods!

On another note, alongside her own projects, María Becerra appears in the credits of Lola Índigo’s third album, El Dragón, with her collaboration in “Discoteka.” Recently, she also came together with Manuel Turizo in “Éxtasis,” a song that tells the story of ​​a couple who builds a relationship despite all odds.

The Argentine singer also admitted on the red carpet of LOS40 Music Awards 2022 that her wish for 2023 is to put out more music, a third album perhaps, in addition to doing a tour around Latin America and the United States.