Mezraa Kris the $pirit & MED Come Together For “Nothing Else To Claim”

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The newest single from one of Montreal’s most diverse producers is released just in time for the start of the school year!

MED, a notable verser from California who has worked with J Dilla, Madlib, Blu, and Stones Throw Records, and Kris the $pirit, a top G from Montreal, both provide verses, while Sugah provides the smooth hook.

“Nothing Else To Claim”, a soulful hip-hop anthem, discusses the lessons learned in the music industry as well as how life forced them to change and convert their hustling into a more autonomous, focused, and somewhat more gruff version of themselves. 

Sugah makes it clear that there is nothing else to claim with a strong, unambiguous hook.

Antoine Desrosiers, better known by his stage name Mezraa, is a musician and music producer who emerged from Montreal’s underground dance scene. Additionally, Mezraa skillfully stitches together an organic and dramatic sound by fusing the sounds of Madlib and J Dilla with UK trip-hop atmospherics, like Massive Attack.

“Nothing Else To Claim” has already amassed thousands of streams on Spotify already. With talent like Mexraa’s, they will surely rise up the charts in no time!

Mezraa can be found on Spotify | Instagram