Ballentino Debuts With A Magnificent New Single “Feelin’ the Night”

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Singer-songwriter and producer Ballentino has released their debut single titled “Feelin’ the Night.” The single draws heavily from the music of the 1970s while also including elements of pop culture. This blend gives Ballentino’s distinctive style a pop tone with a lo-fi, vintage feel. Ballentino got the inspiration to have everyone enjoy loneliness the same way he did one night while dancing alone at a party.  For listeners who want to sing and dance all night long, the song enters the globe with a delectable texture.

Online humor, loneliness, and self-superation take the form of transcendental music textures and visual soundscapes that may transport you from very private regions to extroverted delight, according to Ballentino, who rides the new pop music wave. Ballentino is just beginning his musical career. He aims to introduce the world to a brand-new genre of immersive, humorous, and self-discovery music.

Ballentino can be found on Spotify | Instagram