Shakira Requests A Call From Bad Bunny Offering To Collaborate With Her

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Shakira is one of the most recognizable vocalists in the world, and any musician would be honored to collaborate on a song with the Latina legend. 

However, the Colombian singer also fantasizes about receiving a proposal from other famous people. This is where Bad Bunny enters the picture!

E! Online claims that Shakira only needs a call from Benito in order to record a song with him. The celebrity is fully committed and eager for upcoming musical prospects. 

The Puerto Rican phenomenon is currently occupied with his World’s Hottest Tour, which has earned the most money of any Latin tour in American history to date. We should all be ready to go once Bad Bunny is over.

Shakira had previously experienced working with Bad Bunny. Jennifer Lopez and the two musicians collaborated for the Super Bowl halftime performance in 2020.

The mother of two has now made available her eagerly anticipated new song, “Monotona,” which features Ozuna. Over the past few weeks, Shakira has been teasing the release of her new song and music video. 

She has posted videos of herself singing the song’s opening verses and a trailer for the song’s opening minutes, in which she can be seen purchasing snacks at the grocery store while her hit song “Te Felicito” is playing in the background.

The remaining portion of the movie shows her in the grocery store before being attacked by an ex-personified Ozuna who uses a bazooka to blast out her heart. The references to her breakup with Gerard Piqué are overt.

The remaining portion of the video features Shakira and Ozuna singing about heartbreak to one another while Shakira is also seen going about with her heart in her hand and a hole in her chest.