Gale Fends Off Unsolicited “Photos” In New Badass Single Titled “D Pic”

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Puerto Rican rising star Gale premiered her new song “D Pic” on October 21, 2022. The singer-songwriter releases the candid Pop-Rock song in response to unwanted texts and pictures, men send to women. The track comes with a music video that features a group of women in black outfits who have had enough of the harassment and intimidation.

Gale talks about how she came to write “D Pic,” “It talks about unsolicited photos or photos sent without consent; something that occurs frequently in the digital world and that has happened to many of us at some point. I have gone through this experience, and consent is very important to me.”

Questioning why women have to endure this kind of pestering and molestation, Gale sings straight to the point: “No quiero una foto de tu…/ Guárdate eso, y vete pa’ la…/” (I don’t want a photo of your…/Keep it for yourself and go to…) The “Levántate” artist wrote the song in 20 minutes, “I had a clear idea of the vibe and sounds I wanted for the song; a mixture of grunge, pop, rock, and a melodic rap that adds a bit of Puerto Rican flow to the song. This song is my way of saying ‘if you aren’t asked for it, don’t send it,’ so I hope people will connect with it.”

“D Pic” follows her popular releases “Inmadura” and “Problemas.” Gale, who is known for writing songs for Anitta, Shakira, and Cardi B,  received a Latin Grammys nomination for Album of the Year for her writing credits on Christina Aguilera’s latest album Aguilera

Watch the official video for “D Pic” here: