LOVETA Presents A Gorgeous Single “Drive”

2 mins read

Kiwi singer LOVETA is an old soul with a modern twist, and she’s here to deliver you a spirit that blends the past and the present. Enticing you to the dance floor and touching the heart, LOVETA is back with another outstanding single titled “Drive.” This song’s catchy electro-pop melody is upbeat and cheerful, and it has lively voices, a strong beat, and a carefree spirit. It’s ideal for your playlist for a party or road trip since it makes you feel like you can escape your problems and leave them behind. The upbeat song “Drive” stimulates emotions and tantalizes the senses. The listeners are exhilarated and taken on an exhilarating voyage by the enticing beats and the Kiwi artist’s powerful voice.

LOVETA has spent a significant portion of her career on stage, giving her a very diversified artistic résumé. Lauren was able to meticulously construct her distinctive brand of musical talent and bring LOVETA to life because of her significant expertise. She finds inspiration in well-known performers like YEBBA, Amber Mark, Kim Petras, and Dua Lipa. LOVETA expertly combines contemporary electro-pop, R&B, and dance components with disco and funk to create a new and thrilling take on timeless tunes.

The single is gaining traction as we speak. With thousands of streams on Spotify already, LOVETA will undoubtedly rise up the charts in no time! Check out “Drive” on Spotify below.

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