June Shares A New Track “Replace Me”

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June is back with another banger! This time with “Replace Me,” June moves between enthusiasm and carelessness. With her electro-house vibe, June’s smooth and lively vocals produce cheerful tunes that are written with thought. June’s “coming of age” song is “Replace Me.” It was created as a tribute to the friendships she had as a youngster. She made an effort, to be honest, and vulnerable when it came to composing songs, so when this song was created, it immediately felt natural. In this new release produced with Lab Ox, she hopes that people everywhere can sense her sincerity.

Houston, Texas native June is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter. She wants to encourage more women of color to get into pop music in particular. A performer who is prepared to dominate the music industry and reimagine it. In the midst of a sea of synthesizers and samples, she finds lively organic rhythms. June expresses herself in her writing by contemplating her feelings at the time. You want to put your problems aside and just dance when you listen to her combination of unusual and exotic instruments and voices!

“Replace Me” is currently picking up steam. June will certainly rapidly go up the charts with thousands of plays on Spotify! 
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