iLe Releases Self-Directed Music Video For “(Escapándome) de mí”

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Ileana «iLe» Cabra’s third album Nacarile will come out this Friday, October 21. Following “Traguito” her most recent release ft. Mon Laferte, the Puerto Rican star, shares another single from the LP titled “(Escapando) de mí,” which is accompanied by a music video directed by iLe herself.

“(Escapándome) de mí” is one of iLe’s favorite songs from the new album. The talented composer blends electric guitar strums with auto-tuned vocals, producing a gritty electronic arrangement, “I didn’t want the song to get stuck in the monotony of my voice,” says Cabra. The track that talks about fear of attachment was produced by Ismael Cancel, who deepened and adjusted her voice to fit the song’s slightly psychedelic aura. 

Two years ago, iLe found herself with a feeling of perpetual uncertainty. Those first months of quarantine distorted time and space, and so she turned to music, seeking some kind of escape from reality, “I felt like I was in this emotionally crazy state: confused, lost. I had to let myself go without knowing what I was going to do or write. I was confused and lost, but at the same time, the songs kept coming out of me. I kept writing. I kept composing.”

Her constant attempt to let go resulted in Nacarile that incorporates various genres, inspired by classic Latin American music and Puerto Rican folk percussions. In addition to Mon Laferte, the album features special guests like Ivy Queen, Natalia Lafourcade, Trueno, and many others. Along with “Traguito,” the forthcoming record also includes the Latin GRAMMY-winning single “En Cantos,” which has garnered over 10 million streams. 

Watch the Official Video for “(Escapándome) de mí” on YouTube: