Kelly Monrow’s ‘Scars of Venus’ Breaks Down Barriers For Silenced & Sidelined Women

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Singer and Songwriter Kelly Monrow recently premiered her debut album Scars Of Venus, the follow-up to the EP Pronoia. The 12-track record comes with a music video for “The Woman” and includes “Savage,” “Down Your Spine,” “Wounds,” “Go For Gold,” “Wake Up,” “Pain Turns To Love,” “Mama Said,” and “Ain’t Mine.”. The tracks  “Wake Up” and “Ain’t Mine”  will also be accompanied with their own set of visual keys that are set to be released soon.

The Texas native dedicates Scars of Venus “To all the people that ever felt they couldn’t use their voices…” Monrow  explains that the new album is her way of carrying on with the mission of powerful women who came before her. She promises to continue the sacred work they’ve started, “To our ancestors who paved the way and didn’t get to finish what they started. I will carry them home.” 

Monrow also reveals that she has named the LP,  Scars of Venus, “Because we all have physical or childhood wounds that eventually turn to scars. Each scar I carry is a badge of honor and reminder of how far I have come back into self-love and to forgive. Venus who is the Goddess of love and beauty… She too even has scars. This album is for all the women in the world with scars. I see you and I love you.”

Kelly Monrow sings for women who have had to endure harsh psychological or physical pain, “I’ve had my share of no’s/ I make it a yes & go/ Come on and throw it on me/ It’s in my blood to survive/ Speak the truth who cares if they call me crazy.” The Americana artist who is inspired by legendary musicians like Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Pink, and Bonnie Raitt, breaks down the  barriers of social taboo and empowers each and every person who has ever been silenced and deprived of their rights.

Watch the music video for “The Woman” on YouTube:

Listen to the full Scars of Venus album here: