Kali Uchis Premieres “La Única” Music Video In Collaboration With Sprite Limelight

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American-Colombian singer Kali Uchis teamed up with the global music program Sprite Limelight to release the music video for her new single “La Única.” The song came out on October 11 and was presented at an event organized by Sprite and attended by several influencers. 

The Grammy-award winner revealed her creative process in making “La Única” and talked  about working with the Sprite music program that looks for creations from up-and-coming artists. Uchis explained that she incorporated a bit of freestyle to add some spark to the song: “I try to put my energy into everything I do. I wanted it to feel fresh and fun, not feel like work; when I’m being creative I don’t like to have rules, for me it was too important to feel like I’m doing something fun.”

“La Única” was produced by James Blake. Kali brought her contribution and made a few changes to the song, making it more fit to her style. With her unique talent and approach to creating music, there’s no doubt that the Sprite Limelight music platform chose her to expand to Latin America. 

Traveling through Colombia and reflecting on her multicultural background, Uchis kicks off the song with the striking verse: “My goodness what’s wrong with her?/ Talking nonsense never being honest/ Shhh…Listen to your boss/ You look prettier when you don’t talk/ Unique, and I don’t dedicate tears to you/ I could lose anything but my dignity/ You know that I’m the only one/ I live my truth and that bothers you.”

Watch “La Única” Music Video on YouTube: