Shoshan Dunamis And Mad Diner Come Together For “Dance”

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German singer, songwriter, and producer Shoshan Dunamis has released a new single titled “Dance” in collaboration with Mad Diner. “Dance” has a special ability to elevate the spirit and broaden the imagination. The song’s distinguishing features are its light atmosphere and undeniable appeal. It will entice you to the dance floor with such danceable music.

The outstanding Shoshan Dunamis has been performing on stage ever since she was six years old. She creates original singles that incorporate Electro-Soul, Electro-Pop, EDM, and R&B genres. Since 2009, she has worked as a professional studio vocalist and composer for a range of record companies, performers, producers, and DJs.

Shoshan Dunamis is a living example of having an optimistic outlook on life. She captures her listeners with a tone that is really distinctive. Her songs are passionate, upbeat, and full of inspiration. She is a remarkable artist with intriguing sounds and a unique voice. 

She has recently begun a release marathon as of 2022. Every month’s final Friday will see the release of a new song by her, along with a few others. So keep an eye out for this magnificent artist!

Shoshan Dunamis can be found on Spotify | TikTok | Instagram