Meckina Presents A New Single “See Me”

1 min read

Meckina has released yet another outstanding single! “See Me” is the most vulnerable record by Meckina to date! She wrote and created this single after a toxic situationship. Meckina delves deeply into a genuine and passionate place for “See Me.” Astonishingly beautiful melancholy, yet in the most beautiful manner. 

Under her captivating and charming breath, Meckina radiates a captivating aura. The lovely and silky percussions are amplified by this exceptional performer in languidly flowing tones. The single is greatly improved by the flawless production and skillful presentation of the rhythm. Strong words, innovative production, and a wonderful voice can all be heard in Meckina’s songs. This singer-songwriter has a solid background in music and a unique skill.

This gorgeous artist has been writing songs since she was just nine years old! Truly, a force to be reckoned with. She incorporates many genres and styles into her music since she believes: “I dabble in multiple genres and styles, it’s like there’s this big blank canvas and the possibilities are endless.”

The single is gaining traction as we speak! Meckina will undoubtedly rise up the charts with unmatchable talent like this!

Meckina can be found on Spotify | Instagram