Farruko Discusses His Decision To Give Up His Partying Lifestyle In Favor Of A New Spiritual Chapter

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Not everyone understood when Farruko Official informed a Miami crowd that he had adopted the word of God. The celebrity now explains to Rolling Stone why he has given up partying and “Pepas” in favor of a new spiritual chapter. “I’m a human who was falling. Now I got up.”

“Pepas” went on to receive 469 million views on YouTube, leading to a type of sky-grazing celebrity that became a double-edged sword for Farruko. Gabriella N. Báez for Rolling Stone, an intimate record that he called after a gas station his grandpa owned.

Farruko is open and honest about the guy he was at that time. At the height of his fame, he once referred to himself as “a pile of sh*t that put perfume on everyday”—his own honest, straightforward metaphor for a man who was really unhappy and trying to fill a huge gap at the time.

Farruko mentioned:

“Sadly, money and acceptance buy everything. So you can keep being a piece-of-sh*t person, but you destroy everything. You perfume it. You try to kill the odor with distractions — for example, your life could be in shambles and you don’t have someone who loves you, but you can sleep with whoever. Maybe you’re destroyed emotionally, but you can party or buy yourself things. But at the end, the emptiness is there.”