Let damanithesun Take You To LA With “WESTEND”

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This outstanding track is about damanithesun and a girl he has previously met in the west part of LA. Unfortunately, she broke his heart. After such a tragic experience, damanithesun has created something so beautiful as “WESTEND”! This unmatchable artist displays his own voice, tonality, and sound in this latest tune. The uniqueness he conveys through his songs is just out of this world! 

He incorporates several genres into his music, but he also has a strong voice that is combined with up-to-date melodic vocals and hook lines. damanithesun focuses on chill hip-hop, hip-hop, pop rock, English-language rap, and trap music that is authentic, creative, melodic, original, and readily available on Spotify.

The single is gaining traction as we speak! With thousands of streams on Spotify already, damanithesun will surely elevate to the top of the charts!

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