Justin Frech And Eliza Radyko Have Come Together For A Fresh Pop Release “7-11”

2 mins read

Justin Frech and Eliza Radyko have collaborated and created the outstanding “7-11.” The pop song “7-11,” which is slick and cheerfully crafted, has a tempo that moves your body and drops aural candy through harmonies that take your breath away. You’ll play the music and lyrics over and over in your brain for days since they are so catchy. 

Smooth, soulful, pop song “7-11” uses the term “you’re missing out” literally, which makes you desire more. With whispered harmonies and a strong presence, Justin Frech and Eliza Radyko’s vocal performance has the vibe of a Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande combination.

Speaking about the single, Eliza Radyko mentioned:

“We were songwriting in the park and saw a guy who looked like he needed a slushee walking towards a 7-Eleven. I mentioned I’ve never had a slushee from 7-Eleven and Justin responded with, you’re missing out, which is the line that began the song.”

Alongside the release of “7-11,” a remarkable audiovisual music NFT compilation will be released. Owners of the NFT get unique access to a community where they can interact with the artists one-on-one, have chances to acquire free stuff, and attend exclusive live streams and meet-ups. The NFT is visually created around the music and lyrics.

In addition to releasing music every week, the two musicians first connected at a private music school when they were in high school. Today, they are also members of the social media group The Song House, which is hosted by social media influencer Tyler Ward and challenges its members to write a hook in 30 minutes.

The single is gaining traction and elevating to the top of the charts as we speak! With thousands of streams on Spotify, this single will be featured worldwide!

Justin Frech can be found on Spotify | TikTok | Instagram