Daddy Yankee Melts Hearts By Making 90-year-old Mami Flor’s Dream Come True

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One of Daddy Yankee’s oldest fans, Flor Maria Soris, flew all the way from the Dominican Republic to New York to make her lifelong dream come true. Soris has been battling uterine cancer and her ultimate fantasy was to meet with El Rey del Reggaetón. She said: “I don’t want to die without meeting Daddy Yankee.”

The 90-year-old granny had been imagining this day since forever and she finally could realize it thanks to her granddaughter; Ivanna Mendoza, who posted a lovely video of the anticipated moment, expressing her gratitude and thanking Daddy Yankee for his kind heart and for being gentle and loving with her grandma. 

Mendoza revealed that her grandmother; Mami Flor, was diagnosed with the disease less than a year ago and recently underwent surgery. Despite everything she is glad that her granny got the chance to live the dream, “I just wanted to make her happy … in her last days. She’s a strong person, don’t get me wrong. She’s very strong and it’s amazing how she has got herself through all of this.”

Daddy Yankee’s gesture proves once more that he has one of the sweetest hearts in the industry.  In addition to hugging and meeting with Mami Flor, he gives her front row tickets for his Madison Square Garden show.