Polimá Westcoast Premieres His New Collaboration With J Balvin Titled “Kawaii”

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Polimá Westcoast had announced weeks ago that he’s working with J Balvin on a new song. “Kawaii,” which the Latino teases not to be a love song, is accompanied by a smashing hot music video directed by Jon J and produced by Ivan Joel Vega.

The urban artist revealed that collaborating with the Colombian artist has been an honor and a gift, making him realize that this world is truly for dreamers. Westcoast further mentions that music has no limits and inspires generations. Thanking Balvin for the opportunity the Chilean musician writes that faith can move mountains: “Gracias hermanito J Balvin por la oportunidad. La Fe mueve montañas de Chile y Colombia por el mundo baby, con mucho cariño.” 

The Colombian artist on the other hand gives a shout out to the Santiago native “We are all Latino Gang.” Praising Westcoast, Balvin admits that nobody believed in him when he first started, but he believed in himself and believes that Polimá will be a great success as well, “Chile los amo. Cuando empecé en Colombia, no me creían por hacer reggaetón en Medellin, pero siempre creí en mí, su movimiento también será muy exitoso. Todos somos Latino gang.”

Check out “KAWAII” Official Video on YouTube: