Check Out “Dream Come Tru” By Red Velvet Papi

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NY-based rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer Red Velvet Papi has dropped yet another outstanding track titled “Dream Come Tru.” Red Velvet Papi’s smooth and lovable vocals lead you through this groovy song about discovering your dream girl over an ethereal R&B/Dance track. 

The song was released after Red Velvet Papi’s “Sunshine,” which received support from both fans and endorsements from sites like Word Is Bond, Ital Massive, and Lost In The Nordics. 

Discussing the single, Red Velvet Papi mentioned:

“Dream Come Tru is about finding someone so alluring that it’s unimaginable that they’re even real. As if they’re a literal manifestation of a dream, and because they’ve found their way into your life, you believe that you can make any dream you have come true.”

Red Velvet Papi developed his artist name from what was once a playful Instagram handle paying homage to Drake. But don’t be fooled by his cheekiness; Red Velvet Papi takes a very deliberate approach to music, picking each component with care, weaving a gripping tale, and creating his own universe.

Watch for a number of further singles throughout the rest of the year as Red Velvet Papi works to generate interest in his upcoming album.

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