solukewarm! And Galassie Collaborate On “swipe left, swipe right”

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Singer, rapper, and producer has collaborated with Galassie on “swipe left, swipe right.” Released on DistroKid, the single conveys beautiful vocals, distinct tones, and a blend of a variety of styles into my music, but they have powerful beats, coupled with current melodic vocals and hook lines.

With a characteristic sound that falls somewhere between the warmth and melody of the most soulful and instinctual genre, as well as the hands-on approach of beats, these exceptional musicians go for the kill, with personal, vivid, expressive, and original lyrics.

Channeling their raw vocal power, solukewarm! and Galassie are rising up high in the charts along with big-time artists in the game.

solukewarm! can be found on Instagram | Spotify