Shelly Perel And Golde Come Together For “Don’t Try”

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Israeli singer-songwriter Shelly Perel has released an exquisite indie-pop single titled “Don’t Try” featuring Golde. This song’s lyrics—which discuss Shelly’s childhood—go nicely with the musical blend of synthesizers and rhythm that gives you a nostalgic feeling while maintaining a modern flow and mood.

The song is about the expectations of our surroundings and how occasionally we have entirely different expectations of ourselves. It also discusses how understandable it is for us to feel like our lives are a complete disaster and we have no idea where they are headed.

The single is also accompanied by a creative music video. Check it out below!


Shelly keeps challenging musical conventions and moving listeners’ emotions. This outstanding artist is en route to becoming a global celebrity because of her distinctive, alluring vocals and appearance.

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