Dantec And Trenox Come Together For “Solo”

1 min read

Let yourself be carried away by the beautiful rhythmic waves created by outstanding artists, Dantec and Trenox, in their latest collaboration “Solo.”

These two marvelous artists have created the ideal summertime track that is full of life! With a flawless fusion of alluring hooks, dreamy vocals, and hypnotically smooth music. With over ten thousand streams on Spotify already, “Solo” is gaining traction as we speak! 

Dantec’s music mixes warm chord progressions with pounding baselines. His music is described by him as emotional Deep House with Trance and Techno influences, but it is still mainstream enough to pull over the next bit hit! He’s always striving for a radio-friendly yet distinct sound.

Trenox is a quickly rising musician that began making EDM music 10 years ago. His major objective has always been to create music that people feel and that makes them fall apart into their own world.

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