Check Out “I Did Drugs For You” By The Outstanding Rook Monroe

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Rook’s amazing sophomore song from his forthcoming sophomore project. “I Did Drugs For You,” a voyage through time and space, describes a whimsically substance-infused experience with the one he loves enough to take the plunge for and remain with through it all.

He brings to life an universe that is both uniquely his yet strangely universal with this playful and endearing combination of tunes and lyrics. As it all comes together, his voice warmly welcomes us and makes us feel as though we are the ones he loves, guiding us through this reality. 

“I Did Drugs For You” has a certain impact on you as it soothes your senses and satisfies your imagination with a welcome helping of musical ambrosia.

He has really succeeded in telling a contemporary pop story of young love that instantly hooks you. So allow the beautiful magic of this must-hear contemporary treasure to enchant you.

The single is gaining traction on Spotify as we speak! With more than 130k streams already, Rook Monroe s elevating to the top of the charts. 

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