ZeXzy Dominates Shazam US Charts & Makes History #4 in Hamilton Canada

2 mins read

ZeXzy has achieved yet another milestone with his most recent release “Obsession.” The singer-songwriter has hit the Shazam charts in the US cities Columbus and San Jose, in addition to the city of Hamilton in Canada.

The song that features Natasha Gartner is a beautiful rendition of Afrobeats percussion sounds and melodic chanting. “Obsession” brings out two extreme sides of ZeXzy; the spiritual and the sensual. The much-loved artist hopes to entice people by helping them discover their undisclosed desires, taking them on a ride to a dreamlike place.

 “Obsession” is accompanied by an epic music video with an interesting narrative. The plot follows a certain queen, waking up the “God Of Obsession,” who has been asleep since 519 BC. Chaos arises when women start pining over The God of Obsession a.k.a. ZeXzy. The visuals give the viewers a taste of both modern and cosmic worlds.

ZeXzy hasn’t forgotten to integrate his African roots in “Obsession”. Born and raised in Benin City, the Nigerian talent adds a bit of his hometown in this new track. Aiming to impress the public the way his idols have done, ZeXzy doesn’t fail to follow the steps of legendary superstars such as Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and Bryan Adams. His dream collabs include favorite stars like Drake, Adele, and BTS.

With its Spanish remix to be released soon, “Obsession” has had worldwide recognition with thousands of views and streams across different platforms. The fast-rising phenomenon has had massive success with his other songs as well. “Troway” and “Promise Land” are two of the most famous tracks from his EP Na Who. Whilst “My Mind,” has garnered over a million views on YouTube.