Premiere: Promising New Star Talia Serene Debuts With A Superb Single “Like I Know Me”

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Talia Serene makes a powerful debut with the “Like I Know Me” single. The fast-rising star flaunts her impeccable skills ensuring a long-lasting career. The song will also be accompanied by a music video that will be released soon. 

Combining modern classic with soulful urban sounds, the LA native singer-songwriter effortlessly incorporates her unique voice with meaningful lyrics, showing off her corky and fun side. “Like I Know Me” represents Talia’s realization of the power of her intuition. Serene would love to inspire people with her music and encourage individuality and self-empowerment via her songs. She wants to assist people to find their voice and be who they are without succumbing to social pressure and expectations.

“Like I Know Me” is a blend of  R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, and Trap. Talia’s genre is a combination of modern classic with an urban edge. It’s as if having Doja Cat and Amy Winehouse all wrapped up into one. The artist creates a perfect mix of ingredients, producing fresh and tasteful sounds without deviating from her essence and truth.

Talia grew up with immigrant parents. She had to face a constant identity crisis and struggled between keeping her heritage and achieving the California dream. The urban musician has now overcome that dilemma and is totally confident in her own skin.  She owns who she is and isn’t afraid to show it: “If you’re feeling confused and conflicted from all the outside opinions, you know you can always trust your intuition. No one knows you like you know yourself.”

“Like I Know Me,” released today, August 19th, is a reflection of Talia’s dynamic energy and infectious charisma. Without a doubt, she will get the public’s approval, stealing away hearts, and motivating people to recognize their uniqueness and inner light.

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