Ozuna and Tokischa release Sensational New Video For “Somos Iguales”

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Puerto Rican Singer, rapper, and global icon for Latin urban music Ozuna and the exquisite Tokischa join forces for their new single “Somos Iguales.”

“Somos Iguales” is an addictive party track that you can dance to. It’s the perfect fusion of Caribbean and reggaeton rhythms. The song teases parts of “Rich Girl,” released by Louchie Lou and Michie One in 1993. Produced by DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, Jowny and Hydro, the music video is directed by Nuno Gomez. It almost entirely takes place at a hall where leaders of different nationalities are having a meeting, the singers barge in and take control of the auditorium, urging everyone in the room to join the party. 

Ozuna’s impeccable vocals and unique style along with Tokischa’s authentic and provocative lyrics, highlight that music and dance transcends social and cultural barriers. “Siempre mata cuando sale/En la pista de baile todo se vale/Aquí to’ somo’ iguales.” The sensational duo persuades everyone to stand up for equality, singing out the words; “On the dance floor, we’re all equals.” 

Check the video for “Somos Iguales” here: