“La Camisa Negra” Artist Juanes Marks His 50th Birthday With a Book

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Juanes surprises his fans on his 50th birthday. The Colombian artist gathers together five decades of his life’s work in a book titled 1.577.836.800 Seconds

1.577.836.800 Seconds, which is the number of seconds in 50 years, encapsulates the “Me Enamora” singer’s most iconic moments as a Latin pop rock artist, plus giving a glimpse of his upbringing and struggles. 

The book, which will be released in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and the United States, is written and edited by Diego Londoño. The writer gives an overview of what the reader will take away: “This book is for the reader to get closer to his humanity, to his pores, to his way of breathing, to his way of understanding life, of clinging to his past and thinking about the present, for his way of loving music, of perceiving politics, religion, family and to live closely, through the stories, that smile that shoots when something makes him happy”.

Juan Estebán Aristizábal Vásquez, also known as Juanes has had multiple hits on the Hot Latin Songs chart, eight of which remained at the No.1 spot for weeks. “Me Enamora” debuted at No.1 in 2007, while “La Camisa Negra” topped the charts in 2005.