Listen To “Pisces” By Rachel Philipp

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“Pisces” is the latest track by the outstanding artist Rachel Philipp. With “Pisces,” Rachel Philipp has created a dreamy alt-pop fantasy that captures the seductive yet gentle essence of the zodiac sign. 

The final song in her series of songs based on the signs of the zodiac, “Pisces” perfectly captures Philipp’s own zodiac sign’s qualities of creativity, persistence, and individualism through a dark and enticing synth trip.

Behind Rachel’s songs, you can hear a heavenly voice over strong lyrics and original production. She is the composer, producer, and vocalist for all of her own songs, and she has a strong foundation in music. When Rachel was 14 years old, she started teaching herself how to play the guitar and started writing her own songs.

She has composed and continues to write music for hundreds of musicians, DJs, and commercial businesses in addition to creating and recording her own music from her home studio.

You may know Rachel Philipp “I Could Be The One,” one of her hit tracks that have amassed more than 700k streams on Spotify alone!

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