Nikki Paige Solidifies “Self Worth” In Speechless

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Nikki Paige just released her latest single, “IMPORTANT.” The instrumentals are on point and compliment the vocals perfectly. Paige’s vocals are reminiscent of an Ellie Goulding type to me on this song. It’s powerful and danceable at the same damn time. Double win.

Paige has almost fifteen years of musical experience and was signed to Warner as a writer at the age of eleven. She began her career by traversing the world with Barbara Orbison and studying giants of the past. Her passion for music remained essential despite her love-hate relationship with the music industry. She created music that was intended for listeners to relate to and, more importantly, to experience emotions – whether they were joyful, enraged, sad, hilarious, or anything else. This is evident in “IMPORTANT.”

“Don’t waste time on people that don’t want to spend time with you,” Paige advises.

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