Premiere: Eflorem Showcase Another Bass House Masterwork Titled “Get It” Featuring CJ Silva

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It’s July and Eflorem have already released three dynamic singles. The prolific electronic artists of Eflorem, Heather Worden and Dewey McManus, have been showcasing their unusual creativity with a set of incredible tracks and their latest comes with another collaboration titled “Get It” featuring the incomparable CJ Silva. A catchy song with strong vocal verses and resonating melodies, “Get It” is also accompanied by an entertaining music video starring all three artists. 

The music video starts off with a capture of regular daily life where CJ is contacted by Eflorem to join them on a ‘party bus’ that sets off the doozy experience of the protagonists. Shot on some of the most popular landmarks in LA, Eflorem managed to produce an interesting storyline while showing off their budget limits by driving around in a high-cost van, despite the gas prices. 

Eflorem is synonymous with their ability to go back and forth between electronic genres like dubstep, bass house, trap, EDM and more. For “Get It,” the talented pair relied on their trap and dubstep elements that seamlessly blend with some pop attributes elevated by vocalist CJ Silva, who brings an authentic human touch to the action packed composition. The track is an energetic piece that sonically displays a perpetual build up. Each listener will feel the strong beats alongside the melodic sequences that are all part of Eflorem’s signature style. 

Every time Eflorem releases a track, they bring another layer of their prodigious musical capacity, which has been getting adequate recognition by the scene as their popularity seems higher than ever. The duo started the year with their most popular release thus far “With You,” a catchy tune that put Eflorem on the map, accumulating hundreds of thousands of streams and views across platforms. They followed up by releasing another banger with the remix of JackEl’s popular song “We Belong.” 

It’s easy to see why Eflorem is getting global support by both fans and industry professionals, and it’s all due to their relentless development as musicians, an evidence reinforced with each of their releases. The highly talented duo have the potential to rise to the very top if they keep doing what they do best– which is making authentic, positive and exciting music. 

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