Francisco Martin Is Back With A New Track “hate you to love myself”

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LA-based singer and producer Francisco Martin reveals a new single “hate you to love myself.” The musician truly delivers something profound here. We believe there is emotion in the song, and the composition holds a lot of promise. The artist here just does not let loose and does not hold back his feelings. They are prominent, and the music falls easily on the ears.

Francisco Martin found he had an all-consuming need to express himself in his music after his first-ever tour and a string of well-received hits. To that goal, he worked tirelessly in his flat at all hours of the night, despite neighbor objections. He has just released his first major creative statement, Manic, a 6-song EP of emotionally honest pop-rock. 

The visualizer of “hate you to love myself” on Youtube is gaining popularity as we speak. With hundreds of thousands of views already, Francisco Martin is expected to set the bar high with every release!

You may know Francisco Martin from “Swollen (feat. Julia Gargano)” which has garnered over 6.9 million streams on Spotify alone!

Francisco’s voice is so smooth but also very energetic at the same time. He does a great job at showcasing his vocals, all while capturing the emotion of each single that he releases. He is such a talented artist that deserves all of the streams.

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