Jennifer Lopez Appears To Introduce Her Child Using Gender-Neutral Pronouns

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Prior to a duet at a concert this week, Jennifer Lopez spoke to her child using gender-neutral pronouns.

At the LA Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala on Thursday, June 16th, the singer performed and welcomed Emme Maribel Muiz, 14, to the stage.

A user on social media interpreted the action as a mother’s approval of the girl who decided to show the world that she has a different sexual preference than the majority of her generation. A TikTok video has piqued Jennifer Lopez’s fans’ interest in learning why she chose to introduce her daughter Emme Muniz using gender-neutral pronouns rather than the traditional way. During one of her musical numbers, the 52-year-old singer invited her 14-year-old daughter Emme Maribel to join her on stage. However, when introducing herself to her fans, she frequently used the pronouns “they” and “them.”