Bo Johnson Creates “Love Come Back” In Collaboration With Zara Taylor

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Bo Johnson has teamed up with Zara Taylor to originate the beautiful masterpiece “Love Come Back.” The contrast between Zara Taylor’s dreamy, ethereal-like vocals and the hard-hitting production creates quite a magical and euphoric ambiance ideal for the summer! 

“Love Come Back” has powerful synth layers that are flawlessly linked with rhythmic elements, culminating in a substantial, beat-centered sound that will get you energized to go about your day.

You may know Bo Johnson from “When Dragons Cry,” which has amassed over 830k streams on Spotify. Other hits by Bo include, “I’m Moving On” which has garnered over 540k streams on Spotify. Also, “BOOF!” with over 520k streams as well!

“Love Come Back” is a high-energy piece of electronic music that will have you dancing in no time during forthcoming summer events.

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